Go Green LED Technology

Go Green LED Technology

Go Green Technology is the adoption of multi-variant cross solutions in the manufacture of LED Display systems.

Ensuring the most energy, cost and environment efficient electronic hardware is produced and taking best practice in the usage of metallurgy, electrical, electronics and embedded components. This technology is capable of operating under any renewable energy input including Solar Powered.

Manufactured from Magnesium and Aluminium Alloy

– Gold plated connection for faster and more reliable connection

– 48% Lighter than the standard Aluminium panels

– TU V-EMC, Rohs, CE and DIN IN 10204 standard certified and compliant

– No fan which reduces or eliminates the noise, heat and power consumption


Brimhast – Worlds most advanced future ready, touch-enabled control system. Range of indoor and outdoor – 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 12.5, 14 and 16mm Pixel Pitch. Superior viewing angle. Trillion+ Colours. 16 Bit grey scale processing. Slimline. UV Protected Masks. Dynamic Power Management for heat dissipation/cooling.
High definition broadcast compatibility. Refresh rate mapped for super slow motion camera.
Multi Cast Seamless transmission. Wireless data and video transmission. No stress of fibre
damage, loss connection, disconnected cables or cable laying costs.
DProtect – Each Cabinet has Super Intelligence built with embedded content, so that even if there is data loss from Control CPU there is no blackout and DProtect triggers display of embedded content.
Arogya is an advanced vigilant and surveillance management solution, in which each cabinet is
monitored on Real-time basis from control centre for health management as well as proactive diagnostic & alert management such as pixel to pixel monitoring, power consumption SMPS, heat control, smoke and fire, cable connection, control card functionality and door control with instant alert management via SMS / email.
Live social media content integration across multi-display device. Synchronised content across divergent display solution at the venue. Redundancy for data protected on virtual platform. Multi-content Multi-cast display.