“Maximum Event Exposure”

Digital Out of Home LED Solutions.


Internationally, Techfront has provided LED solutions in many sectors, from sport all the way up to retail. Now living in the digital era, LED signage and screens are being more and more important with the benefit of multi advertising compared to conventional static billboards. Techfront is able to maximise a singular piece of land, by providing a 4K LED solution, that is capable to broadcasting live graphics and multiple print advertisements.

Techfront is currently providing this solution for commercial use, where our 4K Integra LED screens are currently in operation in shopping centres, high streets, roadsides and town squares.


As well as being a great advertising tool, our screens are video compatible, where audio solutions can also be provided. Allowing you to display whatever content you wish. With all these features, Techfront’s LED solutions are a huge asset to communities. With the screens being a focal point in communal areas, where live useful features such as regular news and weather updates, topical and community programming and live sporting and cultural events can be displayed. On top of that, airtime can be available for companies to advertise their brands and utilise the heavy foot travel the area receives.


Not only do we provide LED solutions, we at Techfront provide technical support and
repairs. From the use of 24/7 helpline and email, we are able to answer any enquires and
come out to repair any faults.