“Advanced Software Management”

Brimhast Content Management.


As well as producing state of the art LED hardware, Techfront has produced a simple and easy to use content management software called ‘Brimhast’. Brimhast has the capability to allow you to run animated and static commercial advertising, live match streaming, live stadium messaging and live betting content.

The application is smooth, efficient, reliable and easy to operate. All LED screens can be viewed and operated by one operator using a single screen, utilising minimum space in the control room.

Other features of the IFX series include

Multiple playlists or video show reels can be pre-produced and uploaded on to the application, ‘hot keys’ designed as manual playlist interventions can be hit at any given time during a match but will always return back to the last position from the pre -produced playlist, this can be very useful for key sponsors, live messaging, live animations and fan engagement at any given time during a game.